Enjoy The Movements Of Athletes Within A Photograph!


Multiple-exposure should be a familiar term for all Lomography Lovers! It is popular for its unexpected outcome and interesting composition of different items within a picture. Now, we can also enjoy the London Olympics through multiple-exposure pictures!

A good picture of sports event often depends on speed which posts a challenge to photographers. If they miss out to capture the most impressive moment, they can never shoot again. So what can be done to minimize the risk? Multiple-exposure may be the solution.

For Lomographers, multiple-exposure won’t be an unfamiliar term. It is often used to create unique pictures. It is because the outcome is always unexpected and it allows more than one scene to be shown in a picture. Recently, the talk of the town must be the London Olympics. Can you imagine multiple-exposure is used by the photographers in Olympic Games? You may think it sounds weird and unbelievable but it is real! Now photographers can capture more than one movement of the athletes in a single picture. Not only can it reduce the risk of missing the most memorable second, but also can bring some fresh images of Olympic Games to the world!

Sports like gymnastics places emphasis on the complete movement process. Either the pictures are taken at the beginning of the movement, during the movement, or the end of it, we cannot tell the fluidly the athletes performed. That’s why, for the Olympics, people always prefer videos as opposed to pictures. However, multiple-exposure allows photographers to capture the different motions of the athletes within a photograph. Doesn’t it sound great?

You can see how the movement starts and ends in the picture!

Multiple-exposure makes these sports photos look more interesting than ever! With multiple-exposure we no longer need to look at several photographs in order to see the whole process of the movement. For photographers, they do not have to worry too much about losing those important moments just because they cannot press the shutter on time.

The outcome of multiple-exposure is always unexpected and surprising, just like the competition result of the Olympic Games! Combining these two together can bring us a lot of fun this summer!

All pictures were taken from My Modern Met.

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