Berlin Teufelsberg The Devil's Mountain


This location offers you the most breathtaking view of Berlin.

The Teufelsberg (which means Devil’s Mountain in German) rises about 80 meters high above the Grunewald forrest and was actually built from rubble after World War II. It is estimated that it contains about 12 million cubic meters of rubble, which would be like 400 000 buildings…

Buried underneath it is a Nazi-military-technical college designed by Albert Speer in the 1940s, which was destroyed by the Allies. In 1972 the hill was “naturalized” and about 1 million trees were planted. The US National Security Agency (NSA) then built a huge listening station with five big domes and some office buildings after having mobile listening station on the Teufelsberg ever since the Cold War started.

When the Cold War was over and Germany was reunited the listening station became useless and till 1991 all the technique, the Americans and Britain were gone. Since then its abandoned.

Which brings us to the most interesting part:
It is possible to enter the area and even to get on top of the highest tower! The buildings are all fairly destroyed and there is graffiti all over. I love the atmosphere at such places and here it feels like time has stopped. But what’s even more captivating is the view when you go up the tower!

There is a stair on the outside of the building which goes till the second floor. Here you have to go inside. You’ll already get a little tease of what awaits you: an incredible panorama… It is now necessary to enter staircase inside the building, which is located in the middle. A torch is quite useful, because there are no windows inside it. (There you can to the top.)
What awaits you there is nothing less but the most breathtaking view you can get in Berlin! Being located at the very “edge” of Berlin you have two fascinating views: On the one side you see the whole city spreading in front of you. Its hard to tell where the city starts, its hard to tell where it ends, its just an incredible view. On the other side you see an endless forrest.

The tower is divided in several platforms and has a big dome on top. That’s another highlight: inside the dome – which is 10 meters high – you have an outstanding sound experience. Even the tiniest sound is echoed and often there are musicians playing which is mind blowing. I heard people singing, humming, playing Jew’s harp, transverse flute and one time a guy played guitar, which was the most intense experience. Listening to the sounds, looking out of the “window” – it’s magic.

The best way to get to the Teufelsberg is by S-Bahn (tram) and bike. From the next station (Heerstraße) its a distance of about 2,5 kilometers. Go down the Teufelsseechaussee and and turn right, up the hill. You’ll end up directly in front of the former entrance. Sometimes it´s open. Most times it´s not. If you can, climb over it. If you’re more of the comfortable type just go along the fence. Somewhere will be a hole you can get through.

P.s.: All long boarders and crazy skateboarders (and all people on any other vehicle with wheels) can go down the hill after wards..You’ll get FREAKING fast… :)

Its definitely worth it. The best view you can get.

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