Diana Mini - The Most Fun You Can Have With a Girl Named Diana!


It may look tiny, cute or like a toy camera that’ll squirt you in the face, but the Mini Diana has you all fooled! Take you sweet new camera out of the box, whack a film in, any film and away you go!

Snap your Diana Mini into half frame mode, pick your favourite spot and take your new lady out around town. The great thing about the Mini is the wide array of shots you can get from one setting! Half frame pictures are amazing, each half frame tells its own story, be it something you love captured twice side by side, or two completely opposite subjects spliced together forming a new magic image! One tip I have is, don’t worry about counting you’re shots so they go together.

Take as many different subjects to as you can and squeeze them into each half frame, if they don’t match who cares?? If they over lap, double expose or look frankly weird…all the better! That’s half (frame) the fun of this fantastic Mini, 72 shots per 35mm film, that’s more bang of you’re buck, oh yes! So don’t worry about shooting too much, go crazy, go mad, keep going till you can’ shoot no more and you have to go home because you miss you’re mom!

This new camera is the essence of Lomo! A small, gorgeous camera you can keep in a bag or pocket and get those shots you always miss. So hurrah for the new Diana Mini, queen of all are Lomo hearts!

written by lomat on 2009-09-14 #gear #review #birmingham #half-frame #diana-mini #digbeth


  1. makeyuu
    makeyuu ·

    are you referring to princess diana in the title? like: she aint no fun, cuz shes dead.
    haha your funne!

  2. disdis
    disdis ·

    I have a question about the half frames. My camera, when I have the half frame setting and I roll the film doesn't move 1/4 but 1/2 until it stops, just as the square setting. That means I cannot take 72 shots but only 36 square or half frame and the half frames are separated one from the other.. Do I do something wrong?

  3. oldskool_rider
    oldskool_rider ·

    great review...i really want one of these, but my bank balance is stopping me...i'm going to have to save up my piggies!

  4. deeseeohecks
    deeseeohecks ·

    Hey man I took photos of that old warehouse in digbeth too! I love looking through the letter box every time I walk past! You live in Digbeth too?

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