New York, Milan, London, Long Jetty? A Little Town Re-Buiding Itself on Vintage


The small town of Long Jetty on the east coast of New South Wales, Australia is re-inventing itself with the help of a new trendy cafe and a few new second hand stores opening up. It’s the new place to shop for everyone wanting a vintage find!

Growing up on the Central Coast, the suburb of Long Jetty was always that place on the way to The Entrance, which is a bigger tourist destination with a lot of restaurants and things to do. Long Jetty just kind of sat there with nothing much going for it except for its exceptionally long jetty. Hence the name of the town.

‘Browse about’ has been a second-hand store in Long Jetty for a long time, I remember going to get a fancy dress there for my 12th birthday party. Things around it have come and gone, like the roller skating rink, but it somehow stayed the same. There have also been a few long running second-hand furniture shops in the area like the ‘Gallery of Lost and Found’ and ‘House of Stuff’ but up until the last 1-2 years there, in my opinion, had been no real life in the town.

Pumpernickle Vintage, Websters Vintage, and Beautiful Garbage have all sprung up in recent years as the vintage trend continues to gain more and more fans. To be completely honest, I love going to these stores and looking at the beautiful clothing and finding inspiration from them but rarely buy any clothing. I’m much more into buying accessories and vintage finds, like cameras, for example!

The Glass Onion Society is another new vintage store/cafe, I love the reference to The Beatles in the name and they make a good cup of coffee! The photos below are of inside, I love all the vintage mismatched decor that all work together and also the arcade games!

No visit to Long Jetty is complete without a visit to the Jetty itself.

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