Saturday Morning on an Empty Lisbon

2012-08-08 1

I can’t tell who is the crazier: me, an eight-month super pregnant lomo mom or my dear friend Carisia who walked with me, but the truth is that on one of these July Saturdays we got up at 7am and went downtown Lisbon for a LomoWalk.

We started here:

Credits: trincheiras

At the front of Fundação Saramago – the recently-opened foundation in memory and honor of our Nobel of literature José Saramago. For more information, merchandising and news check Jose Saramago (unfortunately it’s only available in Portuguese and Spanish).

Next we walked the downtown streets, which is always busy with local commerce, tourists, and passerby’s, filled with noise and smells. Due to the early hours, there was only us and a few night shift workers walking through.

Credits: trincheiras

Up to the Chiado area, which was a long, long walk for this heavy mom, burning out my friend’s patience with complaints (about the hunger I was feeling by that time, but who can blame me?)

Credits: trincheiras

Many options are available for brunch, here you can check the recommendations of my favorite guide but the truth is that several small cozy places pop up almost every corner of this area, so be adventurous.

Credits: trincheiras

The end of another journey of post food walking ended up in an unexpected place with a huge secret that Im sharing with you. Get off the streets and go to Armazéns do Chiado, a shopping mall right in the heart of Chiado, forget the stores, and go straight to the last floor. Search for the bathroom (even if you don’t need it!) and you will find an opening window for one of the most beautiful views of Lisbon and the Castle of S. Jorge.

Credits: trincheiras

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  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    The WC's tip is my favorite, it really has a great view! :)

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