Diana+ 20mm Fisheye: The Perfect Lomographic Lens!


My favourite of all Diana+ lenses. One of my Dianas is always equipped with it. Why? See after the jump!

One of the funniest things about optics is distortion. Wide-angle lenses have this funny distortion (called barrel distortion) that for example exaggerates body parts that are nearest, like making noses look huge. Which is why one should use tele lenses for portraits. One extreme example is the fisheye lens distortion. It is essentially like looking at Christmas ball. It can make body parts near the lens look really long. And it also provides with an unparalleled angle of view of 180 degrees! The distortion is highest at the edges and nearest the lens. There are circular fisheye lenses and full-frame fisheye lenses, which are mightily expensive.

Lomography produces the cheapest way to experience fisheye distortion and this fact was one of the things that intitially made me develop a strong interest in lomography. These lenses are circular fisheyes, meaning the image is embedded into the square or rectangle of the frame.

I love the Diana+ Fisheye Lens because it is exchangeable, because it produces fisheye images on a medium format camera and because it is the best value for money in Fisheye World!

When used with a 35mm Back for the Diana+ it does not show the distortion much, so best use it in 120 mode!

If you own a Diana+ or Diana F+, you GOT to have this lens!

With the Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens, you can have a circular image on a square print. Get 180-degree images with the signature dreamy and soft-focused qualities of the iconic Diana camera using the Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens. Available in our Shop.

written by cyan-shine on 2012-08-08 #gear #review #lens #wide #distortion #fisheye #diana

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