Ilford FP4+ 120: An Awesome Medium Speed Monochrome Film!

2012-08-13 1

The Ilford FP4+ is a classic medium speed monochrome film with a nominal ISO speed of 125. It is very sharp and produces images that blow your mind!

Make no mistake. Ilford FP4+ is a professional film. Much-praised Ilford quality assures awesome images, even when heavily expired. Although this film is thankfully still in production, I have only shot expired rolls of it that I came upon by chance, being an AGFA man myself. However, the quality of FP4+ really amazed me, even after years of expiry. Its high acutance makes sure that your medium format negatives will look awesome even if heavily enlarged. And even when shot expired!

As a medium speed film with a nominal ISO of 125, it is best shot in good light. It can be pushed, but not very well, so better to use HP5+ if you are planning to shoot in low light. But FP4+ rewards you with a huge dynamic range and beautiful tonality. Its wide exposure latitude means that it is very forgiving, although I found that it compresses highlights better than it keeps shadow detail, therefore, I recommend stand development when you have not been able to calculate your exposure accurately and need the shadows.

I develop it – like all my black and white work — in Rodinal. In Rodinal stand development it produces fine grain and very balanced negatives. I seriously recommend this film when you need high quality, high resolution from a sharp film and really awesome monochrome negatives.

Unrivalled when it comes to high quality B&W photography, the Ilford FP4 Plus is a great choice for enlargements with its fine grain, high acutance and exceptional sharpness. Check it out with the rest of our black and white film selection.

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