US CitySlicker David: Taking Pictures of Really Strange People at COMIC CON


Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Batman, Darth Vader, Power Rangers, Hobbits, Elves, Zombies… YES that’s COMIC CON in San Diego. It’s the perfect time and place to lose your shyness when asking strangers for a picture.

I never had attended Comic Con before, and I was excited with all the famous people I could see there: The cast of The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, The Walking Death or the Hobbit, just to name a few. But you must be in line for hours to attend to anyone of this panels and only with good luck, you are going to sit in a huge room and see the actors in a big screen… no thanks.

Instead of “losing” our time, we decided to visit the exhibition area and I couldn’t be more happy. There were hundreds of stands related with comic books, video games, movies or TV shows; with free stuff, curios, comic book artist or actors that could sign your memorabilia (the cast of Fringe, Star Trek or Star Wars…).

Credits: megustastu
Data from Star Trek the Next Generation!

But the big surprise was to see all that people dressed as superheroes, elves, aliens, hobbits, robots and…they love to pose for a picture! You only have to ask and they will do the rest. Take a look at the “Recent Popular Photos” or at the “Handpicked Photos”, almost 75% of this pictures include some human beings. It is not a secret that people likes people but also, it is not something new that taking pictures of strangers is a tricky endeavor. So, I’m pleased to find the perfect place where I could start losing my shyness.

Credits: megustastu

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