Locations Callout: Requested Posts for the Month of August

2012-08-06 3

As we usher in the month of August, we’ve set a new list of requested posts for our Locations section. Whether you’ll be traveling this month, staying in your hometown, or have already traveled before but haven’t written about it yet for our Locations section, check out what we’re currently in search of!

Credits: alehopgm

Arts & Culture. There’s art in every corner of the city. Sometimes it’s quite obvious, sometimes you got to look twice. Where’s your source of inspiration?

Escape from the City. Sometimes you need to flee from the daily trappings of city life. So where do you go to relax and recharge your batteries?

Food and Drink. Where’s the most sizzling Schnitzel? The smoothest ice cream or the finest brewed coffee in town? From traditional eateries to avant garde fusion joints, this is about the best and most secret hole in the wall discoveries to satisfy your every craving.

Urban Adventures. Take your camera and dig deep into the city: this is as lomographic as it gets. Get electric, feel the beat and shoot from the hip as you explore the highs and lows of the metropolis.

Credits: digitaljunk

Make sure to also take note of our special topic for August: Given that the 2012 Olympic Games are already in full swing, let’s take a look back – and all around the world at interesting photographs taken at the different other cities who’ve already played host to the Olympic Games.

Credits: ehmahh

City Guide submissions for Seoul and Paris — we’re close to rounding up entries for our Seoul and Paris City Guides and we encourage you to be a part of it! Make sure to not miss out on these big Lomography events by sending in your Seoul and Paris City Guides now!

And before we forget, always keep in mind our updated Locations Section Submission Guidelines for your articles to qualify for the allotted piggy points for these requested articles!

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  1. erinwoodgatesphotography
    erinwoodgatesphotography ·

    I've been taking loads of shots for locations, just now getting around to writing them all up :)

  2. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Same here! :)

  3. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    They are not really new for the month of August, they are kind of just the same since April!

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