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2012-08-10 1

It has been raining here in Houston, for the past 8 days. It is pouring down today, and there is around 30% chance of storms for the next week. I’m going stir crazy to say the least; however I’ve managed to take advantage of the dreary ambiance brought on with the rain clouds and tall grass.

Credits: elletra

This weather can be advantageous for multiple exposures if you know how to rock the right ISO. I set out with my LC-A+ RL loaded with Kodak Ultramax 800, and set the film sensitivity dial to 1600. I also used my Holga 135 loaded with Lomography X-Pro Slide, set to cloudy. With all the rain, I wanted to take some bright and vibrant photos of my garden, to remind myself that it is indeed summer.

Credits: elletra

The trick is looking for shadows and dark spots, which are plentiful having loads of wet dirt and shady spots that the veiled sun can’t reach.

Credits: elletra

Using such a high speed film in my LC-A merited setting the film sensitivity dial to a higher speed, that way the frame would not become fully exposed when I took the first exposure. Also, it’s important to remember to take the darker photo first, that way the dark, negative space can absorb the majority of the light from the second exposure.

I chose a lower speed slide film for my Holga, namely because its settings are simple (cloudy/sunny & portrait/group portrait/landscape), and it lacks a light meter. If I hadn’t been taking MX photos outside, I would have needed a flash for sure; in my experience, when using a slide film for cross-processing the photos always need a little extra exposure, or else they come out kind of dark. This made Lomo X-Pro Slide film perfect for rainy day MXs.

Credits: elletra

So, if you find yourself stuck inside with the rainy-day blues, remember that the clouds can help you transform your photos into a verdant vision.

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  1. megzeazez
    megzeazez ·

    Send some of that rain over here to Austin!! :]
    I love your garden.

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