Crafty Tipster: Oven Bake Cameras

2012-08-10 2

Make your own mini camera replicas with this easy to do tipster using oven bake clay.

It’s rainy season down here in the Philippines, hence the onslaught of no work/ no classes all over the city. I was able to make this cute little La Sardina Belle Star replica made out of oven bake clay when I couldn’t go out of the house last weekend.

Here’s what I used:

  • Sculpey Oven Bake Clay
  • Sculpting tools
  • Oven toaster
  • Painting tools (acrylics work best)


Knead the Sculpey Clay first to make it soft and moldable.

Mold a piece of clay into a rectangle for the body. Then make all the necessary parts such as the lens, the viewfinder, the winding knobs on top and Fritz the Blitz flash (It’s good to have picture references ready just in case!).

Attach all the parts on your rectangular camera body and use your sculpting tools to make sure it attaches well. Fill in details using a pointed sculpting tool to draw necessary lines on parts and poking a hole through the viewfinder.

Put in the toaster oven for 5 minutes. Let it cool first after baking!

Then it’s ready to paint! I used a base paint of yellow then covered it with a brown on top to get that oxidized metal look.

Happy crafting!

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Very neat! I'm going to try this.

  2. astilla
    astilla ·

    thanks for the likes! :)

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