LomoGuru of the Week: Patorayado

2012-08-05 6

Just like every true-blue analogue shooter, he never goes out without the Lomo LC-A camera, but one thing though, it’s just that he prefers to seriously think before shooting – with that alone makes him a rare kind of a LomoGuru! We talked with Patorayado this time around about his shooting habits and how easy it is to make friends over camera!

Credits: patorayado

Full Name: Pablo Hache
LomoHome: http://www.lomography.com/homes/patorayado
Location: I live in Barcelona, (Spain) but I was born in Canary Islands.
Number of years as a Lomographer: 5-6 years
Number of years in the Community: 4? I don’t know, time goes quickly!

Share to us your most memorable experience in the Lomographic Community.

One day I was in a party with unknown people and a boy was shooting with an LCA. Somebody told me:

Did you meet him?
No, I don’t, I answered.
Nice to meet you. I’m Barlaam, bccbarbosa in the Community.
Oh really? I’m your fan! I love your shots!
Thank you, what’s your name?
I’m Pablo, my alias is patorayado
What? I know your pictures! I’m your fan too!!

If you are active within the Lomography Community, you probably know many Lomographers that you admire and I have met many people.

Have you actually met people in the Community that you now consider as close friends? If yes, name at least one of them.

Of course, Lomographers are nice! Raquel @zixolalu, Lu Vives @luvives, Francesc @fgali1964, Mariona @maryona, Carles @charly, Barlaam @bccbarbosa, and many more!

Credits: patorayado

Do you think you’ll still be taking Lomographs in the next 5 years? Why?

Film will exist in 5 years? If the answer is “yes” (I hope), I will continue taking Lomographs.

What is your favorite Lomo camera and why? Do you have any memorable experiences while using this camera?

LC-A+ of course! Loading with any Fuji film that is my girlfriend. Everyday I go out from home and say: “I have my keys? Yes. My wallet? Yes. My phone? Yes. My sunglasses? Yes. My LCA? Yes. Ok, I’m ready to go.

She (my LC-A+ is a girl) is pretty, small, light, powerful and quiet. It’s the perfect girlfriend!

Is there any advice you can give to new analogue shooters?

If it’s your first roll or your first analogue camera, shoot everything you want, be fast, don’t think, and be surprised by your unexpected results. But later, please, don’t listen to the Lomography rule #6 “Don’t think”. Think a lot! Think what you want to shoot, which camera, which film… and your photos will be better!

See you in the Community! Enjoy!

Credits: patorayado

They are the ones whose passion transcends not only by what they do and say, but also with what they see and capture with their film cameras. And with such attributes aforementioned, they are what we call LomoGurus! Every week, we get to ask questions and reveal some insights with the most talented and productive of all Lomographers from the Community!

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  1. disdis
    disdis ·

    I still remember one day @mephisto19 made a post saying: look at this lomohome. It's awesome. I checked it as I follow stephan's recommendations. This was the first picture I saw from this man www.lomography.com/homes/patorayado/popular/photos/6192861
    Since then, I consider Pablo a lomoguru... I'm sured I would enjoy a nice lomowalk with him

  2. jeabzz
    jeabzz ·

    congrats Pablo ! Great lomographer, love your shots! :D

  3. grazie
    grazie ·

    Congratulations!! great photos!

  4. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    Big fan! Contrats Pablo you are a true lomoguru my friend!!!

  5. saviorjosh
    saviorjosh ·

    Great interview! Funny answers...I love it!

  6. patorayado
    patorayado ·

    Thanks to everyone ! I'm your fan too!
    @disdis haremos un lomowalk cuando vengas a barcelona! Avísame!

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