Building a lomowall three (or more?) times


Can you imagine assembling a lomowall three times in several hours?
Believe us, it’s true!

As you already know, on August 8th there was a grand Lomography Exhibition in Moscow. The event was great, the pics are awesome, but only few people know how hard it was to fix the exhibition walls and fight that horrible wind that was stubbornly trying to destroy our walls. And you know what? The wind managed to do it. More than once!


The first surprise was when we found out that the ground we should put our wooden construction on is rough and rocky. We realized that we needed to somehow weight the bottom of the construction to the ground. Otherwise, the wind would have blown it away or it would have fallen on the ground (or what is worse, on the visitors). The point was to find some heavy objects to hold the wooden frames. At first, we thought about lomographers :-) Hey, they can stand on the frames. 10 hours of standing – not a bad perspective for a true lomography fan. But then we saw large timber logs nearby. Shame on us, but we decided to take them (a few hours later we got informed that those logs were someone else’s floor). Unfortunately, our stolen logs didn’t put everything out of danger, and a few walls fell nevertheless; once, twice and then thrice. After saving a kid from a falling lomowall, we decided to change the position of the walls – now they were standing in a row supporting each other.

Due to all these challenges, we had to put away some of the wall panels and that was a huge mistake. Crazy analog fans impressed by the exhibition got too excited and tried to steal those panels.

Dear guests of the Lomography Exhibition at Afisha Picnic! We appeal to you with a strong request. Please give back our lovely panels! We really need them for future events. Thank you!

Lomography Embassy Russia

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    What a team ! Good job, great wall !

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