Slurpee Surprise - Drink Up Your Mashed Potatoes!


Singapore, have you tried this treat? A Mashed Potato Slurpee – sounds appetizing, does it not? Not at all actually. But, in this large city the magic word is convenience! So, suck it up and insert the dimes, press the button like you’re making coffee, and let the good times roll!

Of all the things you can get at a gas station, a tub of mashed potatoes might be the most peculiar. At this 7-11 gas station in Singapore, you can get mashed potatoes right out of a slurpee machine. Just don’t forget the chicken gravy!

In this video you’ll see an amazed man visiting a local 7-11 in Singapore and running us through the motions of how to make a delicious, instant Mashed Potatoes and gravy meal!

We hope this fills you up till dinner…

written by soundfoodaround on 2012-08-07 #videos #lifestyle #singapore #gas-station #mashed-potatoes #slurpee #drink-machine

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