Luchadors Or Beach Babes?


Wrestlers that don’t quite fit the profile? Have these women decided to take up a highly physical sport, or have they just robbed the men’s locker room at a wrestling match? Place your bets and find out the scores after the jump!

Image via Lost At E Minor

These images aren’t of a new spectator sport where athletes don spandex leotards, crazy masks, and have fantastic nicknames that are shown flashing all over the arena’s marquees for fans to cheer on! Hardly. These shots are taken on a beach in Shandong, China, and depict ladies enjoying their day out at the beach!

Yes, we think they’re having a ball of a time because with these nylon-masks they don’t have to worry too much about the rays of the sun beating down on their faces.

Images via Lost At E Minor

Perhaps not being recognizable also allows more freedom to enjoy. Perhaps more risque swimming costumes are soon to follow along Shandong’s beaches? We’ll keep watch!

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