Samsara: A Mind Blowing Film


A film that shows the links between humanity and the rest of nature. The powerful images show how our life cycle mirrors the rhythm of our planet. I somehow came across this movie called “Samsara”.

After watching the theatrical trailer I was blown away! Such beauty, I’ve never seen something that good and the music…oh so good! And the best part is that it’s shot on 70mm film!

‘Samsara’ is Sanskrit for: ’ the ever-turning wheel of life’. The filmmakers searched for the interconnection that runs through our lives. They filmed for almost five years on all kinds of locations like disaster zones, industrial sites, natural wonders, and sacred grounds. They visited 25 different countries to get their material.

The film is non-verbal, that means there is little dialog, and if needed, descriptive text. The awesome photograph-like film is accompanied by even more awesome music, it’s not a traditional documentary nor a travelogue, the film is more like a guided meditation taking us through the wonders of the world from the mundane to the miraculous. Samsara looks into the deep reaches of our spirituality and the human experience.

By making it a non-verbal movie, you are encouraged by the images and music that weaves the ancient and modern together, to create your own inner interpretation.

“Through powerful images, the film illuminates the links between humanity and the rest of nature, showing how our life cycle mirrors the rhythm of the planet.”

They chose the non-verbal filmmaking because they knew it would have to live up to the standard of great still photography, which means that the photos or images have to reveal the essence of the subject, not just the physical presence. Therefore, they used a camera that shoots with 70mm film. The camera, especially designed for this project, has standard frame rates as well as motion controlled time-lapse.

This camera is able to shift perspectives, making ordinary scenes seem extraordinary. All images have been scanned with the new 4K digital projection format. That gives the mesmerizing images an unrivaled clarity and beauty.

Personally I can’t wait to go see this movie, the images already shown are literally mind blowing! Of course, the best thing about this is that it’s filmed on 70mm film. The film has a super warm feeling in the images and I think that this is because it’s shot on film. As you can see, the film captured the natural colors of the light instead of digital interpreted light, which often results in quite solid, cold coloring, or something like that.

I will try to find and watch the two previous films too.

All in all, this must be a marvelous piece of art!

Turn up the volume, HD, full screen, put on your glasses, even if you don’t have them and fasten that seat belt. Get ready to be blown away by, this.

Here is the theatrical trailer which also takes you to the website of the film. (All information, photos, trailers were found on this website as well, all credit goes to them wondrous people.)

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