Dolna Banya, Bulgaria: the Home of a Thousand Storks

2012-08-03 1

Dolna Banya is an excellent place for a short visit – quiet and beautiful, just an hour-and-a-half ride off from Bulgaria’s capital city, “Sofia”. Every rooftop house with several White Stork’s nests and beautiful flowers that literally grow everywhere. It has an awesome climate, clean air and mineral water right off the tap.

With just three days off from work, I needed to get my Lomographic therapy somewhere quiet, away from computer screens, traffic jams, and the TV. Dolna Banya seemed the perfect candidate – both near and far, both quiet and interesting, both rural and modern, definitely a beautiful spot with many lomographic opportunities. It’s a place one can easy fall in love with.

When traveling, you first see the storks. They’re literally on every roof and every chimney. Those gorgeous birds don’t mind if you take a photo of them. Actually they don’t complain no matter how many pictures you take:

Credits: adash

We stayed at the wonderful Tzvetelina Palace Hotel and we could take pictures from the roof of the hotel directly at the Storks’ nests, the wonderful sunset and town view too:

Credits: adash

Dolna Banya is close to the Rila Mountain and you can enjoy a beautiful view off the end of the town:

Credits: adash

If you’re already there, make sure you visit the Ostrich Fun farm. Those enormous birds really like company, they make friends easy, and are very curios to taste everything you present to their attention:

Credits: adash

The people of Dolna Banya certainly love flowers. They are everywhere, in their yards, on the streets, just name it:

Credits: adash

Should I mention that one can find great lomographic moments everywhere – from the town center to the wild plants growing at the edge of the road:

Credits: adash

Camera and film used: Pentax MZ-30, Kodak Elitechrome EBX, AGFA CT Precisa 100, DIY Redscale from Kodak UltraMax 400.
Visit the official website of Dolna Banya.
The Wikipedia article.
The website of the Ostrich Fun farm.
And the wonderful Tzvetelina Palace Hotel.

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    I am off to Bulgaria in 5 weeks and I am so fricking excited!

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