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So far, my Spinner rolls always seem to be shot at times when I really want to fully document the place I am at, as I may not be able to go back there again. There is something about being in the photograph yourself, surrounded by what is going on around you that calls for this camera to be what I think of as more of a documentary device than other cameras. There are many things I love about this camera, but one big one that I do not. Read about it after the jump!

The first time I used my Spinner 360 was on a road trip to Chicago. This huge city and its well-known landmarks called for me to take my new camera for a spin! My favourite was with Anish Kapour’s ‘Cloud Gate’ sculpture, I just loved how it reflects the city and even though it looks ultra modern, I feel it has an analogue feel to it. Passers-by didn’t know what it was that I had in my hand, and a few people even asked! This would make it a great camera for photo-documentary if you don’t want who you were photographing to know that you were taking a photo of them.

The next time I took out the Spinner it was because we were moving apartments and I wanted to document our space before we started pulling it all apart. I definitely should have used a faster film for this but I was still happy with the results. This brings me to another point that I like the Spinner for – the self-portrait aspect. I really like being able to document your space with you in it, without having to worry about self timers etc.

The next roll I took on my Spinner 360 was when I returned home to Australia and was showing my boyfriend around the big tourist sites. I loved how it would fit a big group of friends in one shot. We traveled and used it to document the east coast from Sydney with the Harbour Bridge in the background to the Great Barrier Reef. Okay, so here’s my only beef (sorry just had to throw a bit of rhyme in there) with the Spinner. It’s not with the camera itself, but rather my lack of a proper scanner for it. All of the photos in this article have been ‘Ghetto scanned’ by getting a white screen on my laptop and then taking a digital image of it and inverting it in Photoshop. I bought a Digitaliza thinking it would help me scan them, but it only does if you have a backlight scanner. So, whenever my current scanner decides to pack it in, I’ll definitely be upgrading to a backlight one and will re-digitize all my images from the Spinner 360!

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