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Which analogue buddy do you turn to when you want to go for a spin? Why, the Spinner 360, of course! With that, it’s about time for us to have a dedicated Reviews on Rewind installment on one of Lomography’s panoramic shooters!

Panoramic snaps have always been fascinating, which is why Lomography’s team of panoramic shooters remain popular among lomographers. One of them is the curious-looking Spinner 360, which lets you take panoramas with a single 360 degree spin. Not only that, this camera also shows off the film’s sprockets to make those panoramas even more interesting!

If, somehow, you find the Spinner 360 a new analogue contraption, let some of our very own Spinner shooters share with you what they think after taking the camera for a spin or two!

Motorize! by nural and translated by erayalan

“Motorizer is attached under the Spinner 360’s body. It works with 9 AA batteries and with its remote control i can use it wherever i want to. With 2 different mode i can shoot endless or 1 – 1.5 round. You can get clear photos with 100 or 400 ISO films in inside conditions.”

Spinny, Freaky Fun with the 360! by ipdegirl

“I’ve had such a blast with this camera! The Spinner is best at capturing things that are closest to the lens. I love that, even with the camera as close as an arm’s length, your subject is still in focus…I am full-on giving this camera a two thumbs up. It’s fun, freaky-looking and satisfying.”

From Hate to Love: A turn of 360 º by susielomovitz

“Beautiful sunny days full of light and a roll of Lomography Color Negative 400 — Perfect! Ideal conditions for this super camera that I don’t call “thing” anymore. However, I must say that in the other pictures the sun wasn’t shining, it was cloudy or getting dark, but if you hold the cord by returning a bit slower and set the camera in “little cloud”, the Spinner works perfectly.”

Spinner - 360° Miracle by spoeker

“This camera is fascinating and so easy to use: choose your desired lens aperture: cloudy (f/8) or sunny (f/16) and pull the cord – done!”

Spinner 360: Going in Circles! coolsigg

“In conclusion, Spinner 360 is a must have if you like pano and an attention seeker that likes the stares from strangers. It is fun, exciting and unconventional. One word of caution, scanning can be a chore so it is recommended that you also purchase the DigitaLiza at the same time!”

Reviews on Rewind is a monthly series where we feature some of the best reviews on selected films, cameras, and accessories previously published in the Magazine. If you’re on the lookout for some films or analogue gear to try, or just curious about what people have to share about their own experience, this series can be of help to you!

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