Quadrupling Rizal's International Travels

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Jose Rizal, the Filipino hero, was an international traveler. Read about his interesting travels after the jump!

Credits: lakandula

Barcelona, Singapore, Colombo, Suez Canal, Naples, Madrid, Marseilles, Paris, Berlin, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Rheinfall, Salzburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Schaffhausen, Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Geneva, Turin, Milan, Venice, Florence, Hong Kong, Macau, Yokohama, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York, London, Brussels, Biarritz, Ghent. What do these places have in common aside from each being an attractive city?

Credits: lakandula

Well, back in the 1890s, Dr. Jose Rizal, considered National Hero of the Philippines, visited these places. He was a jet setter in his time. Disgusted with the teaching method and racial prejudices by the Dominican friars against native students at the University of Santo Tomas, he embarked on a trip to Spain to pursue studies after finishing his fourth year in medicine. He did not even solicited the blessing of his parents whom he was certain would not approve of his adventure in foreign lands. He was able to travel to many cities in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Credits: lakandula

His visits to these charming places went together with a secret mission to observe the way life of the people and systems of government of foreign lands. This exposure to different socio-cultural, political and economic realities must have inspired him to dream of a free nation for the Filipinos — free from the shackles of the colonial powers. It was during these travels that he wrote his literary masterpieces — Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo — that exposed the evils of the Spanish colonial masters and formented a revolution towards Philippine independence.

Credits: lakandula

I made these quadruples (yes, four shots in a frame) as a tribute to Rizal’s international travels by juxtaposing images of the hero with images of the old cities and Rizal’s famous footsteps to martyrdom which can be seen in Fort Santiago, Intramuros, and lastly, with contemporary street vignettes from his hometown of Calamba.

I hope someday I can also visit these places and more. Travel is such a great teacher.

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  1. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    great concept.

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    such a great tribute @lakandula !

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    love the history lessons

  4. lakandula
    lakandula ·

    Thanks everyone. Just a note: 'formented' should be FOMENTED (meaning instigated/stirred up) as I originally wrote in my submission. I wonder why the editor changed it to 'formented' when such word doesn't really exist. Already wrote them an email asking for correction but to no avail. Anyway, thanks again for the visit and the read. Best regards.

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