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2012-08-02 2

Everybody knows that Lomography cameras all come with great books for inspiration, and to introduce the products, what you may not know is that these can be bought separately. And “Love From Waist Level” should be!

“Feel this page between your fingers. My god, is there anything sweeter than that? There are few pleasures on Earth that compare with slipping your eyeballs over a radiant photo book, especially one so densely packed with mind-blowing images and content…”

From Diana F+: More True Tales & Short Stories.

I’ve been going through a dry patch recently. Feeling like I’ve nothing new or interesting to shoot. When I get like this I turn to a good photo book. They can be really inspiring — and after a hard day’s work poring over my computer I hardly feel like looking at photos onlilne.

I know many of you own Lubitels, and I know many of them are not the 166+. You may be missing out on Lubitel+ Love From Waist Level.

“Love From Waist Level” is a beautiful book. The book itself is square and biggish. Big enough for each of the big square images printed on the semi-gloss pages to pop out of the book and pop into your eyes. It’s also smallish. Small enough to fit in an old-skool flight bag or satchel. In short the print, the size, etc. are all perfect.

Gotta have photos! Here are some of my favourite Lubitel shots from my albums.

The text content is marvelous. It isn’t just about the Lubitel 166+, though there is lots about it, there is also a wealth of information about the history of the camera, the 2, the 166B etc, they are all in there. So if you don’t have the 166+ it’s for you too!

What really inspired me to write about it though is the reason I started this review. There is so much you can do with a Lubitel, so much people have done and when I think I can’t think of any more to do with mine, a flick through the outstanding Community contributions in this book and I’m planning my next shoot.

…and some more!

If I have one negative thing to say about the book, and I do, it’s that the play on Love in it can, occasionally be a little tiring, but the rest of the content is so much fun this can be easily overlooked.

…last but not least…

So if you have a Lubitel, even if you don’t have the 166+ I would recommend this book as an invaluable addition to your library.

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  1. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro ·

    Good work Adam, love the locos from Glenbrook I think. See my Lomohome Lubitelevision

  2. alex34
    alex34 ·

    The Lubitel is probably the most underrated camera out there. The focusing ain't easy though.

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