Most Popular Photos of Malaysia – Best of July 2012


There are tons of beautiful pictures uploaded by Malaysian users each month and here you go, we present you our Top 20 Photos of Malaysia for July 2012! View the gallery after the jump!

Credits: guitarleo, tomkiddo, fayeusokoi, yokekei, spongypenny, xephryrus, larrywzh, wennyfoo & mazott

Awesome! Here goes our top 20 photos from Malaysia in July 2012. Are you ready for August? August would be the festive month, so bring out your camera, and loaded it with lots of films and start capturing moments!

Upload your lomographs now, and who knows, your photos might be one of the best photo next month! Don’t forget to tag Malaysia on all the picture taken in Malaysia or by a Malaysian! Happy uploading and tagging!

written by eva_eva on 2012-08-04 #news #malaysia #july #best #malaysian #most-popular #2012

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