The Spinner 360° Makes Friends with the Film Roll Crowd


You’ve seen the Spinner 360° take picture with normal color film negatives, but have you seen those taken with the Redscale? Here’s a collection of Redscale photos for you to enjoy!

Credits: jeabzz

All of you have seen the awesome pictures that the Spinner 360° can take, but they were mostly taken with normal color negative films.

Some of you lomo fans took the road less traveled and combined the Spinner 360° and the Lomography RedScale film roll. Check out the awesome photos they made!

Credits: traaaart, clickiemcpete, sallycanela, sumsi & jeabzz

Here’s another collection of photos that combines the Spinner 360° camera with various film negatives! Some were also taken with filters. These combinations really give you great shots. Check it out!

Credits: cyanwater & fivedayforecast

The Spinner 360° goes beyond the confines of standard panoramic cameras. See everything around you (literally!), and be swept away by truly spectacular results. Head to our Online Shop and get your own Spinner 360°!

written by ilkadj on 2012-08-10 #lifestyle #spinner-collection-2012 #redscale #film #spinner-360 #negative

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