Stunning 70mm Film Shot Over 5 Years in 25 Countries

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SAMSARA, Sanskrit for “the ever turning wheel of life”, is director Ron Fricke’s first movie in two decades. In production for nearly five years and shot in 100 locations across 25 countries, it’s hard not to be in awe of his visually-stimulating non-verbal 70mm pièce de résistance. Watch the trailer here and see for yourselves.

Photos via Samsara

A few weeks ago, we wrote about Analogue Directors Christopher Nolan & Woody Allen, two of the few remaining movie directors who still shoot in film. Ron Fricke is another filmmaker from that rare handful, shooting the old fashioned way because of the unparalleled quality the medium possesses.

His latest marvel is SAMSARA, a highly-visual non-narrative full-length film shot in 70mm using custom-built cameras. The crew traveled to 100 locations spanning 25 countries and, after five years of production, the grandiose spectacle is set to debut on August 24.

Since Samsara is an exquisitely shot non-verbal film, describing it in writing would not do it justice. Instead, you should watch the trailer (in high definition, no less) to know what it’s all about. Prepare to get your mind—and eyes—blown.

Samsara trailer via Vimeo

“The filmmakers approach non verbal filmmaking with an understanding that it must live up to the standard of great still photography, revealing the essence of a subject, not just its physical presence. SAMSARA was photographed entirely in 70mm film utilizing both standard frame rates and with a motion control time-lapse camera designed specifically for this project. This camera system allows perspective shifts to reveal extraordinary views of ordinary scenes. The images were then transferred through the highest resolution scanning process available to the new 4K digital projection format that allows for mesmerizing images of unprecedented clarity. SAMSARA will be a showpiece for the new, high-resolution 4K digital projection, the HD format, as well as standard digital and film projection.

Photos via Samsara

SAMSARA is one of only a handful of feature films, including its predecessor Baraka, to be shot in the 70mm format in the last forty years. The 70mm to digital conversion process required that each frame be scanned at 8k resolution, creating a massive data file (in excess of 20 terabytes!) which was then reduced in size to create the final film. The filmmakers extensively tested this method to confirm the benefits of oversampling in the scanning of film to digital. The result is an unparalleled viewing experience with extraordinary levels of detail, clarity, and vibrance.”

Poster via Samsara

We are in total awe of this creation by Ron Fricke and can’t wait for it to hit our local theatres! What do you think about SAMSARA?

Visit Samsara for more info such as screening dates. Sources include Colossal and Wikipedia.

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