Spinning in Freezing Iceland

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Located in Northern Europe, it is an island between the Greenland Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northwest of the United Kingdom. Iceland is the westernmost European country with Reykjavik as the northernmost national capital in the world.

Credits: grarighe

Some of you probably flip through the Nordic vacation pages and go straight to where they have last minute deals on beach holiday packages. But don’t be fooled by the wintery Scandinavian holiday. It could just be the best holiday you’ll ever have!

Credits: sweetynanie
Credits: mops_knoedel

Yes, the land is covered by glaciers more than in all of continental Europe, but the island’s coasts remain ice-free through the winter. And when you do decide to go on vacation to Iceland, it would be part of a small group of people who have done so. You’ll have bragging rights for sure!

Credits: thecheekyscamp
Credits: thecheekyscamp

The pictures you are seeing of Iceland in this articles are taken by a Spinner 360°. Aren’t they a beauty. The Spinner 360° is perfect to capture the beauty that the island has to offer. But don’t get too close to the camera, we don’t wanna see your runny nose!

Credits: mops_knoedel

The Spinner 360° goes beyond the confines of standard panoramic cameras. See everything around you (literally!), and be swept away by truly spectacular results. Head to our Online Shop and get your own Spinner 360°!

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