Hong Kong Rainbow Installation


An American band of artists have made their mark in Hong Kong by creating a rainbow in a mall! No, no science, condensation, or a replica of our sun, was involved. After the jump we’ll shine some light onto what the “Happy Rainbow”, as they’ve named it, is all about!

Image via trendhunter.com

The American team, hailing from the West-coast, FriendsWithYou has made it’s colorful mark in Hong Kong!

Happy Rainbow is their latest art installation and it’s in Hong Kong’s Tuen Mun Town Plaza. The aim of the interactive exhibit is for people, young and old alike, to take a break from life and be “happy” in a children’s story setting, rather than the sharp, jagged skyline of the skyscraper city.

Images via trendhunter.com

There are16 pieces in the installation which include a 40-foot bouncing castle (though not actually a castle). Shapes, patterns, and colors are played around with as is our outlook on mall-walking. Rather than grimace at your creditcard bill enjoy a free pleasure at Happy Rainbow this August!

Grab your Fisheye Baby 110 Bauhaus Edition and fit right in while collecting some memorable shots for later!

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