Magic Places: An Exhibition About Natural and Cultural Monuments in Gasometer, Oberhausen


The Seven Wonders of the World were known in Classical Antiquity, but today, UNESCO has counted more than 900 World Heritage Sites, which are masterpieces of human architecture and huge monuments of nature. For the first time in an exhibition, “Magic Places” is showing the wonders of nature and culture together as equally significant creations of our planet.

It is Europe’s largest disc-type gas holder and an impressive reminder of the heavy industry that has left its mark on the Ruhr area for more than a century, and it is an anchor point along the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH) since 2006. At the same time, the gigantic former gas holder provides the spectacular backdrop for cultural experiences of different kinds: exhibitions, theater, and music.

Magic Places – Natural and Cultural Monuments 8.4.2011 – 21.10.2012

The exhibition is a really fascinating journey around the world to the most splendid and moving,cult sites of natural and human development. You can see spectacular photographs and astonishing items from the Earth’s history.

The exhibit is placed on two floors. The first one is designed in the topic of nature’s forces forming our Earth and showing a lot of wonderful photographs and interesting items of natural wonder. The second floor shows the cultural part of the exhibition divided in parts like the pyramids of Giza, gods from various cultures, their temples, and a lot more!

I visited this exhibition and I must say, it was amazing. It was a great experience and it was a lot of fun to shoot some pictures with my LC-A! You should visit it too if you are around. :)

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