The Ayala Triangle Gardens


In the heart of the Makati Business District, which is considered as the main business district of Manila, lies a quiet, small space that could relieve all the stresses one would have in a day’s work. It is no Central Park, New York, but it brings the same calming ambiance one needs to take his/her mind off work. Read on and discover this little place called the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

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The Ayala Triangle Gardens is right smack in the center of the Makati Business district. You won’t get lost looking for it because it’s right behind the Philippine Stock Exchange building. The Ayala Triangle used to be just an open space filled with trees but a few years back, it was transformed into a small park where people working in the area could relax after work or have their breakfast, lunch, and even dinner in the many restaurants that line one side of the park. Because running became more popular nowadays here in the Philippines, most runners have searched for places to run, and Ayala Triangle became a popular place to run. In the morning, you’ll be able to see people who live nearby doing their early morning run around the park. By afternoon ’til late night, a lot more runners converge in the park. While for others, this place has become a favorite for a gastronomic experience. One side of the park is lined with good restaurants and cafes that offer a variety of food. But for me, it’s a place where you go to relax and just forget about work for awhile.

Credits: boobert

Ayala Triangle gets visited not only on weekdays, but also a lot of people come here on the weekends. Instead of employees and employers, we see families and group of friends hanging out in the park. Children get to play around the area with their bikes and scooters, and so does the younger crowd, hanging out in the different cafes.

Credits: boobert

The Ayala Triangle truly made a great impact in this part of Manila, an unassuming place that brings respite to those who work around the area and a great place to visit during the weekend with either friends or family.

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