1st of July: Canada Day Celebrations in Halifax


July 1st is Canada’s day of celebration. This hot day in the middle of summer in Halifax was an action-packed one with numerous events going on across the city. Read on to find out which ones I was able to document!

Canadians celebrate on July the 1st to mark the day that the three colonies came together in 1867 to make one country. In Halifax, it also means the start of International Tattoo. My day started with sucking back some honey nut Cheerios and jumping on an overcrowded bus headed downtown to watch the marching bands and acts from the Tattoo parade up Spring Garden Road – Halifax’s busiest shopping street. There is something about those bagpipes that get the Nova Scotians in the crowd all riled up!

I then went and sat in Victoria Park across from the Public Gardens to change the film in the variety of cameras I had taken along for the 31-degree day! After grabbing a drink at Tim Hortons, I headed up Citadel Hill to watch the 21 gun salute from the cannons. I had never witnessed this before, especially not being as close as I was! What really amazed me were the windows in the buildings across from the hill rattled every time a shot was fired!

Canada Day also means free entry into a lot of the Government-run museums and tourist sites, like the Citadel itself. They had free birthday cake, some great demonstrations by people dressed up in full traditional garb and, of course bagpipes!

We headed down towards the waterfront and on the way, dropped into Government house, which was a great honor as it is not usually open to the public. Unfortunately, this is where my LC-A decided to multiple expose itself over and over on the same photo so as to not really be able to see anything! Our next stop was Pier 21 which was the landing spot for hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming to Canada from Europe and elsewhere in between 1928 and 1971.

What’s a Canada Day without some Canadian cuisine? We headed to the ‘Snappy Tomato’ and grabbed one of the best East Coast Donairs I’ve ever had! Then it was time to meet up with our friends to do that other great Canadian pass time, drinking beer and watch some sports, this time it was the Euro World Cup finals. Our Italian friend was very sad at the end of it, then finished the night up with some fireworks!

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