Kodacolor II 110 Film for Color Prints (Expired 1982)


While on summer holiday at our friend’s family cabin in Cape Breton, Canada this year, I happened to be looking through the drawers to find a place to put something and came across an old camera in a box. It had sat there for 20 long summers and winters, forgotten, until this little Lomographer came to stay, poked through some draws and got it developed.

This Halina Minimatic 101 camera with Kodacolor II 110 film had sat snug in its original box in a drawer, mostly away from sunlight but still at risk to the extreme cold in the Canadian winter and the warm summers. The expiry on the box reads 1982 and I believe that these pictures had been taken in the summer before that, in 1981.

A multiple exposure of the camera in the box

Considering all of this environmental change that this film went through I believe that the pictures still came out well, but it is a little difficult to be able to review this particular film against others like it. However, with just looking at it being what it is, a film forgotten about and undeveloped since 5 years before I was even born I think it has held up considerably well.

The color is muted, with cyan and green tones and where the canister had sat for three decades a few exposures were lost in the middle of the roll which is typical for extremely expired film. However I was able to use up the rest of the film and I was especially happy with how dreamlike the picture below of a train track turned out.

After showing my friend who’s family own the cabin I found out that the little girl in the pictures is one of her older sisters and that the camera belonged to one of her uncles. I’m looking forward to re-uniting these images with the family and seeing what reactions they have to these forgotten images!

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  1. brandkow93
    brandkow93 ·

    thanks for the heads up, im never buying a halina minimatic or kodacolor 110, looks like it was taken on a mobile phone.

  2. erinwoodgatesphotography
    erinwoodgatesphotography ·

    @brandkow93, you have to take into consideration that the film had sat in a cabin for 30 years exposed to the elements. I'm going to get some Lomography 110 film and see how some fresh film goes in the camera :)

  3. brandkow93
    brandkow93 ·

    @erinwoodgatesphotography True, But in my honest opinion 110 is a rubbish format, it has non of the advantages of other formats, its dynamic range, noise performance etc is no where near as good as 35mm, the only thing going for it is the cameras are small, but most of them are junk except the pentax 110 and minolta slrs, there is a reason it was a dead format.

  4. andronidze
    andronidze ·

    Funny storie. Very intresting :)

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