Château de Guédelon


The Château de Guédelon is a building site located in Yonne, France, where workers are making a medieval castle since 1997. And the real thing about this is that they are working with the same tools as the old times builders.

Listen to me lomographers and people ! We need more workers to finish the building of Guédelon! Have you ever dreamed of building some 13th century castle ? So this location is for you! Le Château de Guédelon is a building site in Yonne, started in 1997 and planned to finish around 2025. Here, professional are making a castle by the old way. No crane or some modern tools, just arms and sweat !

The rocks and the wood come from the forests around the place, and worked by hand. The clothes are made with the trees and the animals, etc. Everything here is the result of stone-cutters, blacksmiths, lumberjacks and potters work… The place is opened for tourists, and these can help some days by working. Just a perfect place for a LC-A loaded with some old Ektachrome. I just couldn’t wish more anallogue than this !

You can read more about Guédelon on this website :

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  1. ilovemydiana
    ilovemydiana ·

    that is so cool! and i love the photos, great angles

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Yeah very cool ! 8D

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