Love for the Diana F+: Pussylove

2012-09-16 1

This crazy chick shows her love for the Diana F+ with her out-of-the-box experiments. Find out which of the Diana F+ clones is her favorite one! Meet Pussylove

Credits: pussylove

Heya Pussylove!
Tell us a little about yourself…

I am a schizophrenic photographer. I like crazy experiments and a “dirty” output on the pictures. For this, the Diana F+ is perfect, it allows for many ways of taking pictures…

How did you first discover the Diana F+?

I was shooting with my dad’s super heavy old Zenit of my dad and I just saw the Diana Hong Meow in a Lomography shop. I loved the size straight away, its light weight, the many possibilities you have to change lenses, it just seemed perfect! Of course it took me a while to choose between the “clones” but Hong Meow was my choice and I’ll never regret it!

Describe the Diana F+ in 5 words

Light, Polyvalent, Creative, Minimalistic, Schizophrenic

What’s your favorite feature of the Diana F+ and why?

I like the fact it is so light and so easy to use. I carry it in my bag everywhere I go, with the fisheye, telephoto lens and the 55mm wide angle and I switch from one to another depending on situation…

Credits: pussylove

If you could shoot any subject with the Diana F+, who or what would it be?

I love to shoot older people, I think they have very expressive faces and I would love to make a series of portraits in a retirement home.Talking about somebody famous, I’d love to shoot Elle Fanning, in a forest, with the telephoto lens.

Do you have any advice for Diana newcomers?

I would advise newcomers not to go straight away for the 35mm back or instant back but to use the Diana F+ in its original version and shoot as much as they can to learn how to frame and control the light/exposure. And take it everywhere!!!! You never know, you might miss a really good shot!

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