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64-years is Singapore’s history at the Summer Olympic Games! In between there’ve been many good sportsmen and women including C. Kunalan and P. C. Suppiah for running, Ang Peng Siong for swimming, and then, most unforgettably Tan Howe Liang for weightlifting, for which he gained they country’s first Olympic medal.

Singapore holds two Olympic medals – they’re 48-years apart. The first, a silver medal, was won in 1960 in Rome, Italy, for lightweight weightlifting by Tan Howe Liang. The second, another silver medal, was gained last year at the 2008 Beijing Olympics for women’s table tennis. The winning team comprised of Li Jiawei, Feng Tianwei and Wang Yuegu.

London 1948 and London 2012.

The country’s history at the Summer Olympic Games started in 1948. It was the 2nd time in the history of the Summer Olympics that the city of London hosted the games. 2012 is the 3rd, and they say “third time’s a charm!” Perhaps this magical occasion will mark the 3rd Olympic medal for Singapore. Who are you routing for? We’re all eager for table tennis aren’t we!

To mark this occasion we’ve compiled a series of photos of Olympic team-members of Singapore competing in various events throughout the years at the Olympics.

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In order: Tang Pui Wah for women athletes in 1952, the men’s hockey team in 1956, C. Kunalan for the 100m in 1968, P. C. Suppiah for the 10,000m in 1972, Ang Peng Siong for the 100m freestyle in 1984, Ronald Susilo for Badminton in 2004, and finally Tan Howe Liang for lightweight weightlifting in 1960.

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