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2012-07-31 5

Rounding up our Locations section tribute to the recent launch of our London City Guide is a quick look on some of the lovely photographs that you’ve sent to us through the years, of what else…LONDON! Reminiscent of just some of the things that we love about this city, take a peek at what we’ve rounded up!

Ahh London, in spite of the temperamental weather, there’s just so much to see, experience, and love about it (we even have the specially designed, La Sardina Guvnor to express our fondness for London!) that surely, all of us can’t get enough. Thus, it continues to be a popular subject in your articles, photos…heck, we even have several Lomography Gallery Stores there as well.

Now let’s take a look back on SOME of the many, many, MANY photos that you guys have uploaded in your Lomo homes, all paying tribute to this fair city. Cheers!

Credits: panchoballard
Credits: pulex
Credits: neja
Credits: neja
Credits: lonur
Credits: negus
Credits: yuvs
Credits: neja
Credits: discodrew

Clearly, there’s just too many, each one bearing a special memory of London, so to make things easier for you, and also to help you get to know the city better, better check our London City Guide, out now!

So now it’s official! Aside from the opening of the London Olympic Games, we’re also putting the spotlight on London for another reason…our London City Guide is already here! In honor of our launch (and of the Olympics), we hope you’ll join us in the celebration by grabbing a copy as well as continue sharing your favorite London Locations here! There’s something special waiting for you in return. (Hint:piggies hehehe)

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  1. megzeazez
    megzeazez ·

    Great shots!

  2. neja
    neja ·

    nice reminder! too many pics and some are forgotten...

  3. neja
    neja ·

    @jaalvarez smth for u to translate!

  4. dkersbergen
    dkersbergen ·

    London is always a great Lomography location

  5. kf4kco
    kf4kco ·

    Great shots with unconventional views!

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