Cultural Corners of Singapore


Singapore being a multi-racial country offers three unique experiences in one day by just visiting the different places located outside the city center. It maybe known as one of the most urbanized city in the world, by but venturing its corners you’ll see a different Singapore.

Singapore is small country with a wide range of cultures and traditions. This is mainly because of its multi-racial society that preserved its identity through time. If you go to the city center, you’ll get the impression that this country is as modern as any other metropolitan cities in the world. However, if you go to its corners, you’ll see a different world full of colors, mystic and life.

The first cultural corner to visit would be the busy area of Little India. Upon seeing the place, you’ll think that you are in a different country. People wearing traditional Indian clothes, stores selling spices & gold and temples decorated with colorful statues will greet you right away.

The second corner to visit is Chinatown. Old shops & houses can be seen along Pagoda Street. You’ll see people selling all kinds of stuff from Chinese ornaments & traditional souvenirs to clothes and to digital cameras. The area also have Tea houses that offers traditional brewed tea and massage spas to help you relax your body.

The last corner is the Arab Street where the famous Sultan Mosque is located built in 1824. The one small street is lined-up with little restaurants offering Arabian/ Mediterranean food that will surely satisfy your appetite. Shops selling fabrics like silk, cotton and “batik” can also be seen in the street.

So after a day of visiting these places, capturing their colorful cultures and traditions, you’ll get the feeling that you’ve been to three different countries in one day.

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