Meet the BIG LomoKino Rumble Finalist #6: freakoftheweek

Meet Marko Bahr (aka freakoftheweek) – one of our finalists for the BIG LomoKino Rumble! His movie tells the story of a girl whose heart was missing … hmm, what do you think happened next? Watch the movie and find more details about it after the jump!

freakoftheweekThe Lost Heart of the Ghost Lady

Name: Marko Bahr

What inspired you to create this movie, The Lost Heart of the Ghost Lady?
I was in Berlin with my girlfriend at a LomoKino workshop with the motto “The Government District with LomoKino LomoWalk in B&W.” I got my LomoKino a few weeks ago and thought, ‘Hey that’s perfect to get together with other Lomographers and to learn how to use my new Lomotoy.’ We got 6 rolls of Lady Grey and a LomoKino at the workshop, then we went out and runnin’ around and checked the locations. We had no exact plan what we will do and developed the story spontaneously.

The core of the story was that a girl found her lost heart and whenever we found a nice place I took the LomoKino, we planned the next scene and started filming, so we developed the whole movie. For example the “Rickshaw Driver Of The Lost Souls” scene, we saw this rickshaw driver and asked him if he can turn some rounds in front of the camera with my girlfriend and offered him 5 Euros.

We had much fun to do that movie and Berlin is the perfect location for movies like this, with all the old and impressive buildings. The rest (the title, the text panels) are grown at the creative process in the post production.

The music from Requiem for a Dream and La Antena was always in my head as we made this movie (if you have not seen these movies before, DO IT! and you will love them like me).

If you won the prize money, what would be the concept for your next LomoKino movie?
As a lover of all these crazy and obscure Trash, B-Movies and Monster Movies from the good old days I will do something like this. It was always a dream of me since i hold the first time a movie camera in my hands to make a crazy, obscure, trashy and funny B-Movie and if i win the prize i make this movie!!!

What do you like best about the LomoKino?
As a audio-visual media designer and analog lover it was always a dream for me to make movies with REAL FILM and Super8 is sadly to expensive for me. And as the LomoKino came out i was so happy that my dream came come true to make movies the old-school way.

I like it that the LomoKino is small, handy, lightweight and easy to use – you must not think about of all these buttons and dials, put in the film you like und turn the crank and the magic will happens. And although the LomoKino is so simple, the creative possibilities are endless. The LomoKino is always an eyecatcher when you are filming, people came by and ask you what you do, I like this a lot.

Share some tips for new LomoKino users!

  • It’s good to have a plan what you will do and sometimes its even better to have no plan what you will do.
  • Be spontaneous and open minded for new ideas when you make your movie, listen to your inner child and do all the crazy things you always wanted to do.
  • Have a bunch of different films in your pocket so you are prepared for every situation.
  • The LomoKino is sometimes shaky when you turn the crank and when you dont want to use a tripod (it’s always good to have it with you) you must find a smaller solution. I use the pistol grip of my Super8 Camera (the screw fits perfect in the tripod mount) you can also use small table tripods or something like that to make your movies unshaky.
  • Be creative and film from different angles, film some scenes twice: normal and much closer for the details to cut it later together for more dramatic effect and play with shadow and light.
  • And last but not least the post production where all the scenes get together to your own masterpiece, here can you do some nice effects and titles, music and sound effects. So have fun and do whatever you want to do with your LomoKino!

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