Behind the Scenes with Stunt Photographer Li Wei


“There’s a visceral feeling and detail in shooting on location that can’t be duplicated on a computer,” says gravity-defying artist Li Wei in this video for The Creators Project. Armed with his Hasselblad camera and some heavy machinery, he shares how he creates the adrenaline-pumping photos he is most known for.

Back in March, we wrote about Li Wei's stunt photography wherein the Chinese oil painter-turned-photographer with a penchant for capturing heart-stopping moments in time said “the sensation of being alive could not be created with Photoshop.” A lot of people have asked what his jaw-dropping technique is and he finally reveals it in this video by The Creators Project.

It turns out that there is a little bit of post processing to his digital images but only after staggering shoots that require cranes and wires. Unlike most stunt photographs that are shot in studios and later pieced together, Li Wei actually dangles his subjects (sometimes, the artist himself) off the sides of buildings or hoists them up hundreds of yards in the air. The thrill is real.

Gravity Defying Photography | Li Wei via The Creators Project

Pretty cool, huh? The lurking probability of danger makes Li Wei’s surreal images so breathtaking and we commend him on his creative integrity! Now if someone could do a similar concept on film, minus the need to erase wires and without actually risking anyone’s life, then that would truly be a feat to behold. But remember, safety first!

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Visit Li Wei on The Creators Project for more info. Sourced from PetaPixel.

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