Meet the BIG LomoKino Rumble Finalist #5: teanroberts


One of our 10 finalists for the BIG LomoKino Rumble is Teän Roberts, whose movie is a cautionary tale about ingesting bugs! How did he come up with this idea? Read more details after the jump!

teanrobertsDon't Eat Bugs - A Cautionary Tale

Name: Teän Roberts

What inspired you to create this movie, Don’t Eat Bugs – A Cautionary Tale?
“Don’t Eat Bugs – A Cautionary Tale” was really inspired by the LomoKino camera itself and seeing how it could be used to create the kind of lo-fi special effects like the flying butterflies and crawling spiders. The camera is really versatile because you can turn the handle really fast to shoot live action, but then at the other end of the spectrum slow it right down to shoot individual frames and make a stop morion. This is what we wanted to explore with out movie. The narrative was really secondary to exploring the process, but this was inspired by one of my friend’s mum’s who told me that if you swallow your bubble gum spiders will grow in your stomach, which appealed to the darker side of my imagination.

If you win the prize money, what would be the concept for your next LomoKino movie?
If I win the prize money I would like to make a film that continues to use lo-fi special effects to explore the idea of a progressive, transformative narrative but on a much bigger scale. Like while people transforming into animals and different things. I want there to be more movement too because Don’t Eat Bugs is very static and I think it would be cool to do something where the camera and the subject are both moving.

What do you like best about the LomoKino?
The thing I like best about the Lomokino is the noise it makes when you turn the handle! It’s so satisfying. And that the results are always, always a surprise, as with all Lomography cameras.

Share some tips for new LomoKino users!
My tips for new Lomokino users would be: be intuitive! because the viewfinder is only a rough guide so don’t worry about framing shots perfectly, just try stuff out. Also experiment with different types of films because you can get some amazing effects that produce really unique imagery.

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