Meet the BIG LomoKino Rumble Finalist #4: reneg88

2012-08-21 2

Say hello to one of the BIG LomoKino Rumble finalists, René G. Boscio aka reneg88. Want to find out what (or who) was his main inspiration for creating his movie, Snailing in Love? The answer’s under the cut!

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reneg88Snailing in Love

Name: René G. Boscio

What inspired you to create this movie, Snailing in Love?
I was dating a girl once, and she was a very* lazy person. So, one day, we’re on the phone and she’s laying in her bed saying how hungry she is and she says: “I wish I could just move in this same position from the bed to the kitchen… Like a snail, you know?”. We both started laughing hysterically and I thought it was a pretty funny concept.

Thanks to the LomoKino, and its ability to create stop motion with ease, I was able to achieve this concept of moving around like a snail, and gave it a romantic twist, changing the word ‘falling’ from ‘falling in love’ into ‘snailing in love’. :)

If you win the prize money, what would be the concept for your next LomoKino movie?
For my next LomoKino movie, I’ve been working on a script, around a song I wrote called “I’ll Never Say”.

It tells the story of two best friends, who grew up together since they were children. Naturally, as the years progress, so do we, and feelings change, but it’s not always the same for both parties. So eventually romance starts to evolve, and we see the characters becoming more emotionally attached. However, the boy doesn’t know how to draw the line between friendship and love, and it’s basically a story of a boy in love with his best friend, who witnesses her falling in love with someone else. So he decides he’s never gonna reveal his true love for her because, what good would it do? Or would he?

You can hear the song here:

What do you like best about the LomoKino?
I’d say my favorite part about the LomoKino is, as I previously mentioned, it’s ease for stop motion. That opens a world of endless possibilities! You can float, you can disappear, you can even snail! And there are so many effects that can be achieved. I don’t think the concept for the “I’ll Never Say” film would be stop motion. But it’s definitely my favorite thing of the LomoKino. Aside from the amazing vintage looking results. But that’s a given. :)

Share some tips for new LomoKino users!
I am a very organized and OCD type of person, so I barely do anything without some previous planning. So my tip would be to try and figure out a concept, a storyboard, or a script, before you go about wasting precious film! All the film making in the movies you love is within your reach with the LomoKino, and even more.

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Congrats @reneg88 for this great lomokino movie!!

  2. mochilis
    mochilis ·

    Qué película más bonita! Enhorabuena!

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