Beana Bern Shoots with the Diana F+ and Diana 35mm Back+


Take a look at Photographer Beana Bern’s excursions in China with the lovely Diana F+ and the Diana 35mm Back+. Be struck with inspiration for all those wanderlust trips as Beana Bern takes you on an exhilarating photo tour!

Take a look at Photographer Beana Bern’s excursions in China with the lovely Diana F+ and the Diana 35mm Back+. Be struck with inspiration for all those wanderlust trips as Beana Bern takes you on an exhilarating photo tour!

REAL NAME: Kristina “Beana” Bern Schreibman

How long have you been a Lomographer (or are you new to this whole thing)?
Beana Bern: I got my Holga in 2006…my Seagull in 2007 and my Diana F+ in 2008. i guess, in the scheme of things, that makes me new to the game. the list of lomos i still need to try is long so i imagine that this is just the beginning of what has already become a beautiful friendship. next up is the Horizon if i have my way…

Describe the Diana F+ in five words.
BB: Liberation-onal. fun-ifying. textur-ific. nostalgi-tastic. deep-ilicious. not just 5 words but 5 specially invented words born out of a love of lomo. seriously, these cameras are very cool.

The strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest photographic/Lomographic encounter that you have ever had.
BB: Opening my first roll of film a couple days after i bought my Holga was memorable and perhaps the story that I should tell but i’m going to tell you about something else. traveling through mongolia some months ago i was shooting a portrait of a herdsman named Baatar somewhere south of the Russian border. he was totally enamored with the seagull and wanted to try it out. i gave him the camera and watched him turn a full 365 degrees to try and get me in the frame. the reverse image, which confuses me too sometimes, had Baatar going in circles and we both ended up laughing hysterically. we couldn’t communicate with language but bonded over photography and had wonderful fun…

Diana+ 35mm

If your photos shown here could have a soundtrack of three songs, what would they be (song title & artist please).

  • Pink Eye (on my leg) by Ween
  • Into the Universe by Chris Harford & the Band of Changes
  • The Woods by Portugal. The Man

The one person (living or deceased) who you would most like to photograph.
BB: Hard hard hard question. there are SO many people that i would love to photograph both alive and dead but if i have to choose one i think it would have to be Benjamin Franklin . . . or maybe Hunter S. Thompson. I think it’s a tie

Your advice to future Diana F+ shooters.
BB: I guess i would say be fearless and bring your camera along for the ride.

If you could take your Diana F+ and a bag of film anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?
BB: I’d like to fly into Port Moresby and trek out into the jungle of Papua New Guinea to shoot the cannibals and beautiful, vibrant indigenous life that thrives there. i spend the majority of my time in the modern world, connected to the internet and spinning my wheels in a static bubble. stepping out into the ‘real world’ where water, food, shelter and community are still the key elements keeps me connected to the world and feeling alive. indigenous cultures, dance, clothing, food, art, language and traditions inspire me in tremendous ways and i feel like southeast asia is next on my list. if im too delicious to hang with cannibals then i would say Tanzania would be a good second choice though I read that white people are too salty for them so I should be okay.

Do you have any tips for would be traveling Lomographers and their camera?
BB: I made the mistake of bringing too many parts for Diana on some legs of my trip and, as a result, ended up not shooting so much because i was always tinkering. i would recommend that, for a given outing anyway, that you commit to one or two set-ups and explore with them. the gearhead in me is always tempted to bring it all but the beauty of the lomo is complex results with simple tools….do more with less.

Diana F+

Tell us more about your inspiring trip. Is China a place you have always wanted to explore and if so, why?
BB: I have always suffered from chronic wanderlust so yeah, China has been on my list of must-see’s for a long time. The East has a kind of mystic or mythic draw for me and it was joyful to be able to wander around Peking for days and then to see some rural countryside on my way through Inner Mongolia towards the Gobi. I was curious to experience the Nationalism first hand and hear from Chinese people about their government, their politics, their future and their stand on topics like Tibet or the Olympics. What struck me was how totally dynamic Bejing felt…like it is changing before your eyes. The brick dust in the air represented a city being torn down and built up simultaneously and it is disorienting but also exciting. The kind of massive and fast transition that the country is undergoing is bound to have a big impact on the people that live there and it was excellent to experience that. Oddly enough, shortly after I returned from China and Mongolia I got word that I would be moving to Hong Kong and in October I go. I am already scouting my map of Southeast Asia and looking forward to a lot more exploration (and lomography!) in the Far East.

Which of the photos is your favorite? Please tell us why and what it mans to you.
BB: I’m still digesting all of the images and it’s hard to pick a favorite since each one of them takes me back to the moment when I made it…The dreamy quality of the images shot from the top of Khongoryn Els, the massive Gobi sand dunes, makes me warm and fuzzy. It was such an intense climb to get up there and then to see the steppe from the top, the windless dunes, the enormous pink sun setting over the desert, to hear the ‘song’ of the Singing Dunes and the far off cries of baby camels….life-altering would be the only way to describe that place and the hazy, blurry way the images came out seems like the only way to do such a magic place justice. Leaving the lines between what was real and what was imagined blurred so the memory can be as big as I make it and not confined by the razor sharp lines of my DSLR is liberating  Some other favorites are the double exposure of the women fan dancing in Ritan Park, the BW portrait of Baatar sitting by his yak and the totally unrelated BW landscape of my trip to Cinque Terra, Italy which I shot a couple weeks before heading east.

Please, describe yourself to us. Are you wanderlust and can’t stay in one place too long? Do you have any further travel plans for the future?
BB: I always ‘tag’ myself the same in the context of Bio’s and things like this…..Photographer. Traveler. Eternal Optimist. I am a believer that we can make our own luck and are only limited by our own imagination, desire and determination. I am loyal to my roots and desire a nest somewhere that I can call home but, at the moment, I am enjoying my freedom tremendously and letting the wind blow me as far and fast as it will. A friend of mine once told me that “luck is the residue of design” so I suppose I have to take some credit in forging such an interesting path for myself though, in my wildest dreams, I did not imagine how awesome my story would become. What lies ahead in Hong Kong remains to be seen and my eventual return to New York City, tentatively planned for sometime in 2011 give me enough of a safety net to hoist my sails and see where I find myself between now and then. I can be certain that there are still a lot of surprises on the horizon and many, many adventures to be had.

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    i enjoyed this interview =)

  2. cinzinc
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    i enjoyed this interview =)

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    cool. but, wanna ask something since you have using diana f+ from 08.
    do your flash is still in good condition? my diana f+ flash doesnt wanna burst even i have change the batteries wahtsoever. hmm.

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    diana's beautiful shots

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    what film is used in shot #1?

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    Well done--interesting interview and the photos are great. I especially liked the panoramic montages shot with the Diana 35mm back.

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