Meet the BIG LomoKino Rumble Finalist #3: arnaudmartin


Arnaud Martin is one of the finalists for the BIG LomoKino rumble. His movie involves a teddy bear that causes chaos in Paris! We asked him a few questions about his inspiration, and shared some helpful tips for you!

arnaudmartinThe Incredible Story of Dr. Lomotnik

Name: Arnaud Martin

What inspired you to create this movie, The Incredible Story of Dr.Lomotnik?
As the Lomokino is an old-school tool to make movies, I wanted to go back to the themes of the beginning of the 20th century, shooting in black and white. I had this idea of making an expressionist film again, like “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, (with very black and very white make-up, with oblique shapes etc etc), and simultaneously the idea of remaking a famous film with a monster, like “King Kong” or “Frankenstein”, or “Godzilla”.

Those ideas turned to become the main idea of “The incredible story of Dr. Lomotnik”: a crazy scientist finds a way to turn his teddy bear alive, and the teddy bear becomes taller and taller, out of control, and unfortunately starts to destroy Paris!

By the way, the name “Dr. Lomotnik” has been inspired by the Dr. Robotnik, the enemy of Sonic the Hedgehog, and of course the name “Lomography”.

This main story allowed me to have a lot a fun directing it: I used several techniques to make the bear taller than it actually is: from the growing shadow on the wall, to the small buildings I printed, making a miniature Paris. I also used several techniques to make it moving: a friend of mine had to handle it to make it walk, we also cut its head to make it turn frame by frame (for the last shot). I’ve been helped by a lot of friends, and everybody was very happy to help me and had a lot of fun.

If you win the prize money, what would be the concept for your next LomoKino movie?
If I win this prize, I will direct an other kind of remake, introducing a new character: Super Lomo, which is a superhero who will try to fight a menace against the Earth, in Paris. The script isn’t written yet, but I can indicate the directions I’d take. Anyway, it’s gonna be a big science-fiction short movie.

This time, the menace comes from out of space. This idea allows us to make beautiful shots of small UFOs coming to earth, like in the opening of Mars Attacks. I’m gonna use handmade models of UFOs, and a small globe for this shot.

I imagined that Super Lomo could, in his “normal life”, work in the Lomography gallery store in Paris. This super hero will be similar to the old superman interpreted by George Reeves. Of course, He is secretly in love with a girl who works with him.

As the martians start to destroy the city, Super Lomo trys to fight them. They suddenly capture the girl!

Super Lomo, stronger than ever, fight hardly the Martians, who surrender and leave back home.

Saved from the Martians by Super Lomo, the girl falls in love with him.

The design of the E.T.s will be old fashioned, like in this picture:

This new movie will be full of very exciting shots using again very different techniques. For example, you can see on the picture below a shot I’d love to make again, cheating with the perspectives. I’d like to create an X-Ray, drawing and scratching directly on the film. I’d also love to make a building explode, using printed buildings (like in Dr. Lomotnik) and frame by frame hand-crafted-made explosions.

Well, I hope you already want to see this amazing film!

What do you like best about the LomoKino?
Since I discovered Lomography, I hoped that Lomography would invent something like the Lomokino. What do I like best about the Lomokino? Well, I used to direct movies using digital cameras. What I like about the Lomokino is that it enhanced my creativity. Now, my ideas are more precise. Now that I directed a few movies with the lomokino, I know which shots I need to tell a story. Thanks to the limit of the film length!

Share some tips for new LomoKino users!
The tips I’m gonna give you are very personal ways of working with this camera, so everybody won’t necessarily agree with me. Anyway…

a) Use a good and heavy tripod, because when you turn the crank, the whole camera moves, and the shot isn’t that steady.

b) Tie or pull your hair back! I’ve got long hair (like a girl, I know, but I’m a boy, you know), and they like to turn around the crank.

c) “Don’t think, just shoot” isn’t valuable for the Lomokino. Don’t waste film, make it good! Think about your audience, man!

d) If you can, use powerful lights to shoot indoors.

e) Remake your favourite films, it’s a good way to spend afternoons with friends!

f) Any questions?

You can see movies on my website: – “mes films”.

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