Real Lomo Walls?

2012-08-06 2

Getting backed up on prints from getting film developed and your wall is lacking rad decorations? Grab the tape and get to work.

All of us love Lomography’s Lomo Walls on our profiles but why don’t you make your own Lomo Wall in your home? It’s a cheap way to decorate and empty space that’s a lot more personal than any crummy wall art you can buy anywhere else because it’s filled with all of the pictures you’ve taken and love.

First step, get some pictures printed. I normally do not get pictures printed when I take my film to be developed so I took the scans to walmart and printed them out rather cheap. I made my poster halfway once and completed it recently.

There really aren’t any other directions than take your prints and start taping! The final product looks cool and becomes a great backdrop for pictures in the future.

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