Sheffield's Beautiful Winter Gardens

2012-08-01 2

On a recent trip to Sheffield, I discovered the magnificent Winter Garden in the heart of the city centre. Read on to find out what I loved so much about it.

Credits: kneehigh85

I haven’t spent a lot of time in Sheffield before last weekend, so I had never come across the Winter Garden before then. When you are walking through the city, this looks so new (it was opened in 2003) and amazing that you can see it from a long way off. I was pleased to see that it was free to go in, so we all went inside to have a look around.

Credits: kneehigh85

Firstly, this is a garden. It reminded me of the Eden Project but felt a lot more serene and of course, on a much smaller scale. I have since learnt that it is the largest temperate greenhouse to have been built here in the UK in the last 100 years or so and is big enough to hold 5,000 regular greenhouses. This means it is frost protected right down to -4 degrees Celsius. The plants in it look stunning and tropical and are in stark contrast to what we usually see in parks and gardens in the UK with over 150 species of plants from all over the world.

Credits: kneehigh85

In addition to the plants on display in the Winter Garden, there is the Bessemer Art Gallery and several shops and restaurants. Also, the architecture outside the Winter Garden is fabulous, with a really modern space (including table tennis tables) and some dramatic buildings.

Credits: kneehigh85

The Winter Garden can be found on Surrey Street, sitting between the Crucible Theatre and the Peace Gardens and access is free every day. You can read more about the Winter Garden here or here.

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  1. kelly_panda
    kelly_panda ·

    I went to the Winter Gardens last year, for a small place it sure comes with a lot of serenity.

  2. easilydistracted
    easilydistracted ·

    I did a project on this building in my first year of uni, I can't believe I didn't have my cameras then, we went to so many cool places!

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