Sonnemondsterne – The Electronic Music Festival


It is a festival held for three days in Saalburg, Germany for almost all kinds of electronic music headz!

The location is amazing, located directly at Bleilochtalsperre – a huge artifical lake – where you can dance, chill or whatever to different styles of electronic music. From centerstage to several big tops you can choose your favourite DJ`s or even bands. If your feet got tired from dancing, you can just go down to the beach, sit down and relax, have a swim or move to the dirt jump and watch some guys doing crazy stuff with their bicycles. The music is mind-blasting (well, for the ones who like this kind of stuff) and you`ll get them all from Fatboy Slim, the Prodigy to Timo Maas and his Mutant Clan and Mr. Oizo and of course many more!

The party lasts from dusk ’til dawn and even longer. If you`re fit – or whatever – you can dance in some big tops after hours ’til the late afternoon in the following day. It is never clear if your neighbour just comes back from partying and want his canned food/beer after a long night or having his real breakfast.

If you`re just around the corner or you`re already planning your next year festival tour or you are just keen on having a weekend with canned everything, port-a-potties, people in weird costumes, early bird or late night table-tennis or parking lot limbo you got to go there!

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Great shots ! And what a list of artists ! I love them !

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