Rainbow Bright: Fill Your Life With Colors


Colors are all around us. Buildings are painted with colors. Clothes are made in different colors. The sky changes its color depending on the weather. We see colors everyday and everywhere. Colors have become part of our life.

Colors are an interesting element. Colorful things always manage to capture one’s attention. I love browsing through colorful pictures taken by fellow lomographers. Those colorful pictures never fail to attract me. I have taken some pictures with color negative films and color slide films too.

Blue is often associated with sadness in the English language. But for me, I relate blue with calmness and peacefulness. I like to look at the sky and the sea. So, most of my blue photos are about them.

Green is sometimes related to envy or jealousy. I prefer to relate green with nature,and its fresh, new beginnings. Leaves that grow out right after winter are fresh and represent new beginnings. Greenery in nature always make people feel refreshed.

Some people see red as a representation of danger and anger. Some people relate red to passion. For the Chinese, red is a color of good fortune and happiness. That is why red can be seen everywhere during Chinese New Year.

Yellow is a bright color. For me, yellow represents joyfulness and cheerfulness. Most of the time, smiley faces that make people smile are in yellow color, aren’t they?

Here is my photo gallery of one single photo with lot of colors in it. Have a look!

Need me to say more? Grab your analogue camera now and fill your life with beautiful colors!

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