Seeing Double: The Great Lomography UK Filmswap

2012-07-31 4

In my 2 or more years as a Lomographer, I haven’t done a lot of doubles, and certainly not really with other people. The filmswap workshop that I did recently with the LGS Manchester was a real success and my first proper doubles with another photographer.

Credits: kneehigh85

Apart from the multiple exposures I have had a go at with myself, using the magic MX switch on my cameras, I have never really tried to do any doubles with another person. I made a tentative attempt at this at the York meetup last year, but the results weren’t especially amazing. I think this was in part due to us not paying any attention to where each frame started, and what the ISO ought to be set to!

Credits: kneehigh85

I have considered doing doubles with a few members of the online community here before, but I am quite disorganised, and for one reason or another, it just hasn’t happened as yet! When I read about the Great Lomography UK Filmswap, where a roll of film would get passed through 3 workshops – East London, Manchester, and Soho – I signed up to take part in Manchester right away! These would be triple exposures from 3 different parts of the UK where the LGSs are located. Obviously, due to geography, I signed up to take part in Manchester.

The rolls of film had already been shot once when we got them in the Manchester store and there was a great turn out on the day. We set the ISO of our LC-A+s to 100 as we had a 400 ISO film and were shooting 3 times and Mr. Powell had worked this out for us. Then we had a short talk about the LC-A+ and it was off round Manchester for a few hours (after a couple of technical hitches, which aren’t really worth mentioning!). Obviously we didn’t know what the other people would have shot before us, and what the next in line would shoot after us, but it was fun to just wander round town and freestyle, and hope that the photos lined up. The films were then sent to Soho for a final exposure at another workshop and then we were all given a CD of our images. I was super-thrilled with mine to say the least! Although they seem to have captured just 2 exposures rather than 3, I absolutely love the results I got from my roll of film and I now feel inspired to do some more doubles with friends and community members!

I can’t believe how well some of these lined up – especially the Lancashire Way/Cambridge one!

I would now love to know who else shot my role of film with me, so if any of the London types recognises these shots – make yourselves known as we are obviously a great team!

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  1. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    @lgsmanchester @louwest

  2. easilydistracted
    easilydistracted ·

    I really liked your results Claire! I took part in the Lomolovers one and that was really fun, perhaps we should do one in Leeds (eventually lol)

  3. daverook
    daverook ·

    thats my bum :)

  4. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Yay!!!! Do you know who shot my film @daverook? Lovely ass double by the way x

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