Horseback Riding in Ensenada


Have you been on a horseback riding before? It is so much fun, but at a time, it could be a little scary!

We arrived in Ensenada, Mexico on the Carnival cruise ship and booked a horseback riding for the shore excursion through Carnival. It was a little bit expensive and we paid $65/person, but we thought, whatever makes our trip more exciting, we should go for it!

So, they took us to this beautiful mountain area on the bus, and we got ready for the ride. By the way, if you are one of my close friends, you would know that I am pretty unlucky. When I was waiting for everyone else to be ready, I noticed my horse was sort of…restless. Knowing my luck, I thought to myself, “I hope I didn’t get the crazy horse…”

Everyone got ready, and we all started moving.
Ah, how amazing it was! I took some shots of the beautiful view and the horses.
Even though I did notice my horse kept tripping, I thought everything was gonna be alright.

My “luck fairy” wasn’t happy. Everything was going too good.
So, she decided to play a little trick on me…
All of a sudden, my horse fell down on his knees. Desperate to save my cameras (and my life,) I somehow managed to hold on with my thighs!
Everyone was amazed….”Wow, I can’t believe you held on!”
Well, I couldn’t either, but you know, when you have something you really want to save, you’ll get the extra strength!

I was a little iffy about my horse after that, but I was trying not to think about what just happened, and have fun.
My “luck fairy” was, again, unhappy to see me having fun.
She was determined to make me miserable!
10 minutes later, my horse collapsed one more time!
Again, my super thighs kicked in, and I held on.

Now, my guide decided there was something wrong with my horse, so he sent me to the front of the line where 2 of the cowboys were. I wish they would’ve thought about taking my boyfriend with me to the front, but unfortunately, they didn’t.
Now, I was lonely and scared. Luck fairy’s plan was working!

But my bad luck didn’t end there.
My horse kept tripping again and again….and then, he decided to start fighting with one of the cowboy’s horse!!! At this point, I was just hoping I would make it back to the stable alive……!

Thus, the scariest ride of my life ended, and we headed to the beach.
Guess what I found there?
The locals were offering horseback riding on the shore for only $10!!!
Only if I knew before….well, there’s always next time:(

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  1. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    Well, I'm glad you survived the ride and the shots came out great!!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Beautiful shots despite the crazy ride !

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