Capturing Life Differently: How I Ditched the Digital Camera for an Actionsampler


Want to create unusual and fun memories? Get yourself an unusual camera! Read more to find out how lomography creates new and exciting memories of your life.

It was early 2010 and I had heard so much about lomography by then but I did not own any analogue cameras yet. It was not until my digital camera broke that I decided to get myself a toy camera or analogue camera. After all, I only had a few months left before I leave New Zealand and I wanted to capture my life there differently.

Credits: zrn

I was a student back then and that meant I had to be a cheapskate. So I bought the cheapest lomo camera that I knew and that was the Actionsampler. The moment I got my Actionsampler, I rushed to the nearest store to buy film negatives and I began shooting straight away. The ‘whrrr’ sound initially scared me when I pressed the shutter. I thought there must be something wrong with the camera. Once I had finished my first film roll, I went to a photo shop to get my film developed. I was pleasantly surprised with the product. I love how spontaneous and candid my pictures looked and I love the color contrast in the photos without having to do much adjustment to the camera. I just had to trust my instincts and go with the flow! It was then that I realized that there are many moments that digital cameras can’t quite capture.

Credits: zrn

I began shooting more with my Actionsampler and it never disappoints. Due to the camera’s quirky looks and design, it easily gained my friends’ attention and curiosity. My photo sessions with my Actionsampler quickly involved my friends and they too were eager to be part of the picture hence I was able to include many fun moments, creating more memories of my life in New Zealand.

I came back to Malaysia with loads of memories of New Zealand taken with my Actionsampler. I am sure my memories of the country would have been translated differently if I had captured it using a digital camera. I am glad that I made the switch from digital to analogue. I still use my Actionsampler but I have included the LC-A+ in my repertoire as well, and nope, I still don’t own a digital camera.

Credits: zrn

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