Remembering Alessandro Volta

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Our Lomo LC-As eat films and drink up batteries… and thanks to the discovery of the great scientist Alessandro Volta, this camera allows you to take wonderful photos! This is a tribute to this great scientist! Read on!

Camnago Volta is a small fraction of the Municipality of Como, situated on a hill just 2.7 km from the city centre. This locations article is dedicated to the famous scientist Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the battery, who lived in Como and retired in this place in 1819. He is buried here.

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The battery was invented in 1799, as remembered in this street sign. This small town hosted some scientific conferences in honour of Alessandro Volta in this house, as remembered by the engraving on the wall.

Credits: sirio174

Walking in this small town in the east direction, you can find “Villa Volta”, the preferred autumnal residence of the great scientist, who retired here:

Credits: sirio174

In the garden, you can see many antennas installed by the radio amateurs of Como, who make some international transmissions to remember the scientist every year.

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Between the centre of the town and Villa Volta, you can find the small cemetery, where the scientist was buried:

Credits: sirio174

There are many commemorative engravings from radio amateurs, students, and scientific associations:

Credits: sirio174

This small fraction is great also for cycling and walking in nature!

Credits: sirio174

All these photos were taken with my new Lubitel 166+ camera.

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    Great artical. Actuelly, Volta invented the galvonic cell and the electrochemical cell. A battery is two or more cells grouped to increase voltage or amperage. Cells are the building blocks of a battery.

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