LomoKino Reel Rumble August 2012


It’s that time of the month again; that time for the budding movie directors amongst you to come out and show us what you’ve got. Enter this rumble and get your analogue LomoKino movie featured in our monthly hall of fame reel. Read on and find out what we need.

Credits: primula

Our LomoKino reels feature snippets from LomoKino movies which we consider to be top of the pops.

Just watch this one for example:

Doesn’t it just make you want to grab your LomoKino to do something awesome with it? Don’t you want your movie gem to be featured in the next one? It could. All you have to do is link us to your analogue masterpiece by leaving a comment underneath this rumble and we’ll be in touch. Who knows, next month it could be you inspiring people.


  • Any movie filmed with the LomoKino
  • No submission limit
  • Sound may be included but please make sure you have right of use
  • The order of frames and movie speed may be edited in post production, but please no effects or filters – Each frame of your movie should conform to our rule for photo rumbles: It should not be digitally enhanced or manipulated.
  • Ideal format: Full HD 1080p (1920px width), no mattes/letterboxes, h264 encoded. If you don’t have the possibility to scan your movie in hi-res, please make sure it is at least more than 720px in width.

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  1. eugenia
    eugenia ·

    my movie with the lomokino on loan;)

  2. valeriopost
  3. fendyfazeli
  4. elenakulikova
  5. pfingstroeschen
  6. cryboy
  7. shoujoai
  8. juansupergen
  9. tomccfc92
  10. camerabrain
  11. camerabrain
  12. camerabrain
  13. camerabrain
  14. adamb26
  15. sobetion
  16. sobetion
  17. sobetion
  18. sobetion
  19. japsix
  20. kathepalacio
  21. marjanbuning
  22. stephaniemetz
  23. stephaniemetz
  24. stephaniemetz
  25. stephaniemetz
  26. stephaniemetz
  27. stephaniemetz
  28. shrista
  29. ck_berlin
  30. marjanbuning
  31. stephaniemetz
  32. kimo

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